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5.5 module

Why Choose a New You Smile?

  • No more troublesome dentures, dental disease or embarrassing smile.

  • Preserve bone and natural teeth.

  • Restore function and occlusion.

  • Instant smile makeover with face-lift effect.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.Up-gradable

  • Affordable with multiple financing options.

10 Reasons to Choose the New You Smile Implant Makeover System

1. Get rid of infection
The NYS System is a smile-in-a-day technique that includes the removal of all oral infections, placement of bone grafting (if necessary), placement of dental implants and the delivery of an immediate transitional prosthesis.
2. Dental Implants
Dental implants are an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. The NYS System works through implants, allowing you to pursue implant supported dentures to a fixed full arch bridge.
3. Preserve and restore bone
The longevity and comfort of the NYS System is based on the condition of your alveolar bone. This is the goal and guideline for all of our NYS treatment modules.
4. New Smile in One Visit
You will get your new smile the same day of your NYS smile makeover surgery. We’ll have predesigned a prototype, which will be your transitional prosthesis, fabricated and ready for delivery that day. Depending on your financial situation and oral condition, you will choose from the Snap-on-2 over-denture, Snap-on-4 palate-less bridge or the All-on-6 fixed bridge.
5. Total Balanced Occlusion
We take a holistic approach for total body balance. Our full mouth restorative technique establishes stability and a balanced new bite for lifetime function.
6. Shock-absorbing Material
We use our own patent pending bio-compatible nano-elastomer resin material, Ultra Oralstone. Not only does this FDA-approved material look naturally pearly white, but it’s also shock absorbing and non-brittle. This surpasses the standards of implant related prosthesis and is uncompromised against age-related bone conditions.
7. Multiple Options
The NYS System is designed for patients who have missing or unsavable teeth, troublesome dentures, or an an embarrassing smile. We customize a smile that is infection free and establishes balance and a functional bite. You can choose from a Snap-on-2 over-denture, Snap-on-4 palate-less bridge or the All-on-6 fixed bridge.
8. Upgradeable
You can upgrade from a Snap-on-2 to a Snap-on-4 palate-less bridge or an All-on-6 fixed bridge without losing your previous investment. At the same time, you’ll be improving your foundation and support with bone grafting and dental implants.
9. Holistic Solution
Our science-based based holistic approach in diagnosis, treatment planning and lifetime maintenance.
10. Affordable
100% financing available and insurance welcomed! The NYS System is 30%-50% off compared to the national average.

 Free Consultation & 3d CT Scan

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