Get the smile you’ve always wanted – in One Visit!

Whether you need a single dental implant or full-mouth reconstruction, the New You Smile™ Makeover is the ideal solution.  We tailor a plan for your mouth, saving and incorporating your own healthy teeth and using implants as necessary to meet your needs.  Advanced implant technology uses Biotanium  – a nano-hybrid titanium material optimized for integration with human bone, with dramatically faster healing and double the strength of today’s standard implant metals.  Bridges and full arches are made of a breakthrough nano-polymer with a  flexible strength that acts as a shock absorber.

The Implant Smile Makeover Breakthrough!




  • Say goodbye to bad teeth, embarrassing smile and troublesome dentures (partial or full) – All In One Visit!
  • Maximum bone saving technique with natural teeth and all-implant support fixed (non-removable) full arch bridge
  • Non-brittle shock absorbing nano-polymer bridge, beautiful, light & ideal for dental implant full arch restoration
  • All-in-One treatment and location. Surgical, Restorative, Smile Design, Image Center, IV Sedation And Dental Lab all in one place!
  • Affordable and upgradeable, financing available. Insurance Welcome.






 Free Consultation &
3d CT Scan of your mouth


Take the first risk-free step toward a new life by booking an appointment to receive:

  • Free evaluation of your dental needs, and explanations of your treatment options
  • Complimentary cutting-edge 3D-CT Scan of your mouth
  • Work on an affordable financing plan
  • A $1,000 value