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Dental Crowns

San Antonio Dental Crown

If you have been suffering from pain caused by a damaged tooth, the San Antonio cosmetic dentists at the New You Smile Center can help, with a restorative dental crown.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a custom-formed cap/shell that replaces the damaged area of your tooth’s chewing surface to preserve it’s functionality, and the natural look of your other teeth. They may be used with tooth that is structurally healthy, or with a variety of dental implant supported prostheses.

Crowns are a popular restorative dentistry option because they allow our San Antonio cosmetic dentists to save the majority of a tooth without sacrificing stability or a normal appearance.

If you have lost an entire tooth, or many, dental implants are available to help fill the void. They can not only save your smile from looking lackluster, but prevent your jawbone from shrinking! A dental bridge on the other hand will fill in the void by being attached to neighboring teeth. Both options use dental crowns to great effect to preserve your smile’s natural appearance.

How does a dental crown work?

Initially one of our San Antonio cosmetic dentists will remove the damaged or decaying part of the tooth, so that they can firmly place a temporary crown on the location. This will help hold neighboring teeth in place during the time in which a permanent dental crown is constructed.

The New You Smile Center constructs dental crowns using a very solid and high-tech material that is shaped for your mouth during your initial visit. The goal is to make your tooth look, feel, and work naturally, so that you can feel comfortable with your smile once again.

Once the final crown is completed, our cosmetic dentists will remove the temporary and bond the permanent one in place.